Who is eligible for the program?
This program is designed for high school students, undergraduate and graduate level university students thinking to study long term in Japan in the near future. If any students under the age of 15, or graduates are interested in the program, please feel free to send us an email so we can discuss the possibility of participation. Participants under the age of 15 are required to be accompanied by a guardian as a chaperone.
What does the program fee cover?
As shown in the “PROGAM” page, most of the program fee covers your accommodation and local transportation fee for the two weeks. It also covers part of the cost for lectures and activities. The majority of the costs involved in the lecturers and cultural activities are covered by the City of Kyoto.
The program fee does NOT cover your transportation to and from Kyoto, the cost of passports and visas, meals (lunch and dinner), international insurance and other daily expenses.
Will food be covered?
Breakfast will be provided at Karasuma Kyoto Hotel during your stay. For some of the events such as welcome party, there will be food and drinks provided, but you are mostly responsible for your own lunch and dinner. Cheap meals typically cost 300 to 1000 yen.
Is there any scholarship available?
No, there is no scholarship for this program. All participants must pay the program fee which mostly covers the cost of accommodation and local transportation. Most of the other costs such as lectures and activities are covered by the City of Kyoto, making this program very reasonable.
If I’ve been accepted and made my payment, but my plans change, can I get a refund?
If applicants cancel 3 weeks before the program starts, applicants will not receive a refund of the 10000 yen deposit, but will receive a refund of the remainder of what they have paid until that point. Cancelation within 3 weeks of the program starting, must pay a 20% cancellation fee in addition to the 10000 yen deposit.
Can the Kyoto Study Program issue visas?
If you need a visa to come to Japan, we can provide the required documents for you to apply for a visa, but it is your responsibility to get your visa. You will also need to pay the necessary cost for applying for visas. Please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website for more information.
Do I get student status in Kyoto, or any credits for participation in this program?
No, you will be considered a “program participant” and not a student of a university. However, you will receive a certificate of completion from The Consortium of Universities in Kyoto and the City of Kyoto. Few universities in the world accredit the completion of the program as the university credits. Please ask your home university about credit.
What is the final score determined?
Participants will be graded on the following criteria;
・In-class activities – Attendance (20%) – 3 delays will be counted as 1 absence.
・Class reports – A daily report (40%) – each report will be 180 words or more.
・Final presentation (40%) – Group presentations of 3-4 students (15-20 min.)
Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the program.
I don’t speak English very well; can I still join the program?
Yes. However, in order to get the most out of this program, you should have basic English skills in order to understand the lectures and be able to do team work for the final group presentation.
I don’t speak Japanese at all; can I still join the program?
Yes. All classes will be taught in English. There will be one trial Japanese lesson in the beginning of the program, and you will learn basic Japanese needed for your two weeks stay in Kyoto. However, it will be better for you to learn Japanese before coming, because there will be many opportunities to interact with local students and staff during your stay.
I’m studying Japanese. Are there any chances to use Japanese in the program?
Yes. Even though all classes will be taught in English, there will be many opportunities to interact with local students and staff in Japanese. Japanese support students will accompany the entire program, and you will have several one/half day tours with local Japanese students.
Do I have to attend all the sessions to be part of the program?
Yes. Participants are expected to attend all the lectures and activities unless they have a reasonable excuse (e.g. illness). Points for attendance will be 0 if students are absent without reasonable excuse, and a certificate will not be issued to those who clearly did not take part in KSP.
I’m applying with a friend/sibling. How can we make sure we both get in?
We can’t guarantee to accept all applicants applying together, but we will take that information into consideration.
My friend/family will come to Kyoto with me. Can he/she stay with me at Karasuma Kyoto Hotel, and join some of the program activities?
Yes, we can arrange twin or double room if you let us know far in advance. You will be responsible for paying extra room charge for your family’s stay. He/she may join one or two KSP activities, but they must pay a participation fee.
Can I stay at Karasuma Kyoto Hotel longer than the duration of the program?
Yes, we can arrange your room if you let us know in advance. You will be responsible to pay the cost of extra nights. If you will be staying in Japan for longer than the duration of the program, you may also find other accommodation options for the extended time.