I was impressed about Kyoto in many aspect and of course I love it. It way for different from my country. I also love the culture of Kyoto to like they can have both old and new in a big city with harmony which made me feel relax even while having a walk a long the road. Of course if I have a chance, I’ll study in Kyoto. – Student from Vietnam

I have fallen in love with Kyoto & Japan the peace I feel here. I am so glad that I decided to go on a short term program in a country where the culture is quite different from Australian’s. – Student from Australia

This was a really amazing experience for me. I will take everything I have learnt, seen and built on them in the future. Kyoto is so very beautiful. The hotel accommodation is extremely good. (Much better than I expected for students.) – Student from Australia

Kyoto is a very livable city – similar to Melbourne. The public transport system was very efficient. The environment was great – perfect for travelling alone. Safe! – Student from Australia

I made some great friends, experienced unique culture and activities. The study program was unforgettable, fun and simply inspired me in a lot of ways! – Student from Brunei

I really enjoyed how this program allows us to enjoy traditional things like wearing kimono, Ikebana and Noh play. I really like Kyoto because of the scenery and all the beautiful gardens that are in the different temples and shrines. – Student from Singapore

I liked interacting with the local students. Kyoto is a very nice city and studying in Kyoto was a great experience. – Student from U.S.A

It’s very fantastic experience to me. … Friends I met is kind and make me happy. I can improve some English skills. I think it’s very helpful. – Student from South Korea

I cannot forget the memory made in Kyoto. Program was really meaningful because I could learn many things about Japan and Kyoto. And I could make relationships from other countries. – Student from South Korea

It’s very meaningful time to meet everyone who participated in this program and Japanese friend. All of this program things are well instructed and I could feel Japan and Kyoto!! If you are not good at English, don’t hesitate it. Everyone helps you sincerely. – Student from South Korea

Rediscovery of Japanese beauty. I would suggest mocha ceremony and incense experience next time. – Student from Taiwan

I felt this program was a window to living in Kyoto and I’m extremely thankful for the organizers who worked very hard and organized the program for us. -Student from Singapore

I really enjoyed the time I had here, learning about the city from locals is the best and most enriching way to do it. Hotel location is very good, easy to get around the city. – Student from Singapore

This experience in the Kyoto Study Program was extremely useful for me. It has been a very long time since I have wanted to specifically visit Kyoto, and thanks to the program, not only did I visit Kyoto, but I also got to see many options to come back here for long-term study, or maybe even work. It is also a great program to meet new people with similar interests, and also a great chance to interact with local students. There was not even one time when I felt lonely here. – Student from Bulgaria

Really satisfied about the program. I had a good time with every one, the lectures are full of excitement and very informative. I hope Kyoto Study Program will keep improving and many more students will come to this program. – Student from Vietnam

This is my experience in Kyoto many thing I learn in Short time I am so happy to being in Kyoto Study Program. This is my pleasure to come and visit in Kyoto. – Student from Nepal

To tell the truth, Kyoto Study Program has surpassed my expectation. The lectures and activities are elaborately planned. Although the program is a little bit too busy for me, I was impressive by the abundant lecture and activities. These days, I fell in love with the beautiful city, Kyoto. It is such a historical and friendly place that I hope I will visit it again someday. – Student from Taiwan

An amazing experience! Discovering Japan authentic culture, Kyoto was beautiful. Studying an experiencing Japan were to whole worlds, Definitely visiting Japan again. – student from UAE

This program has made me discover myself and improved myself. It would be a dream to learn more deeply and to learn its language and got to be admitted on a university and pursuethe degree of Engineering in Japan! – student from Philippines

The program is the perfect balance between studying culture and exploring new hidden gems. – student from Australia

Highly recommended this program to those who interested in experiencing the traditional and modern aspects of Japan!!
Nice people, amazing food and with lots and lots of laughs that you will never forget!

This program is probably the best experience I’ve had so far in my life. Meeting new local friends as well as friends from other countries has indeed broaden my perspective and also greatly improved my interpersonal skills

Thanks to this programme, I am able to get to know local friends and international friends from other countries. I can really immerse myself in Japan and be a part with Japanese people. Thank you and hope see you all soon!

Highly recommended this program to those who interested in experiencing the traditional and modern aspects of Japan!!
Nice people, amazing food and with lots and lots of laughs that you will never forget!

Definitely recommended because it was well balanced and we got to try such an exciting array of activities that we would not get to try by ourselves.

A great program with lots to learn, see and do. I found the lectures engaging and full of relevant and interesteing information. I really enjoyed my time in Kyoto. Thank you.

A wonderful program! So much packed in. Fab hotel rooms, broad range of topics covered. I would love to Taiko one day.